Player Survey

At the end of Game 5, we asked players to fill out a survey about themselves and what they thought about our games.

Notes from the feels box:

  • Several people preferred games with less randomization, or "luck." Game 3 stood out in the feedback as an unfair or overly luck-based game, as two players could submit the same values of school, sleep, and social, but still be ranked differently depending on who they were paired with.
  • Lots of folks want to hear about how The Gamemasters came up with the games, the game theory behind them, and where to find more games — stay tuned! We'll have a post up on this ~evenutally~
  • Everyone who commented was really kind and supportive <3 We're so glad y'all enjoyed the games :)

Real hard stats:

(The sheet here is honestly probably a better viewing experience.)