Game 2

In Game 2, 274 people played Greed Control, trying to pick the highest numbers they thought others wouldn't. In the end, solisj won with the play {21, 25, 30, 39, 45}.

Second place goes to luhtaro and third to talon1trick. talon1trick, as the highest-ranked player to accept, will be participating in our live final game. Read talon1trick's amazing bio on the winners page.

Honorable mentions:

  • Biggest impostor display name: dormaspam gamemaster. Impostor syndrome really do be 'round these parts.
  • Best feels box emoji: (๑˙❥˙๑). If it weren't for contagious disease™ we'd kiss you too! 
  • Most instructional feels box: sharonl for telling us to look up costasiellas. They are adorable.

See below for the full rankings and commentary for Game 2, or visit here. To view overall rankings for dormspam-the-game, click here

P.S. Thank you for all the nice feels box comments <3 And for the people tired of corona times and anxious about the future, we feel that too :(

Game 2 is Greed Control.

In an alternate universe, you are a student at the Missouri Institute of Taxidermy, looking to select dorm rooms for the upcoming semester. The rooming chairs have decided that as a more “meritocratic” solution, they will order room selection scores in the following game.

In this game, your goal is simple — the highest score. Pick 5 integers in the range 1 to 50, inclusive. For each integer k you select, the number of points you receive will be k / (number of times k was chosen). For example, if you chose 42, and 42 was chosen 5 other times by other people (for a total of 6 times chosen), you would get 42/6 = 7 points for that choice. (This logic also holds if you choose the same number multiple times. In this scenario, if you choose 42 twice, then you get 42/7 + 42/7 = 12 points.)

Your final score is the sum of points for each integer you choose. The winner is the player with the highest score.

High numbers have the potential for high reward, but if too many people choose it, it won't be worth much. No hints this time: it’s up to you to decide the best strategy.

The deadline for playing is Thursday, June 25 at 12pm ET. Results and Game 3 will be released on Sunday, June 28 at ~12pm ET.

Play Game 2 here

We wish you the best of luck.