Game 1

In Game 1, 341 people played hide and seek, choosing places from the Atlas Center to the Z-Center. In the end, it was shahul who came out on top, finding 46 people in the Atlas Center and with only 6 people finding him in the Stata Lobby. Second place goes to idkwhatsgoingon, while ninechars and gabriel tied for third. Read shahul's amazing bio on the winners page.

To see where you placed in Game 1, click here for the full rankings. (This sheet also has a copy of the commentary below, in case it doesn't render properly.) To view your placement in dormspam-the-game overall, click here for overall rankings.

Also feel free to do your own analysis (or fact-check ours) — and post any interesting findings in the comments below. 

Game 1 is a classic game of hide and seek.

Choose a location on campus to hide and a location to seek at. Your goal: find as many people as possible while avoiding being found yourself.

Use your knowledge about MIT to inform your choices. To help you out, here are a few simple hints:

  • No one’s in Hayden because it’s under construction. On the other hand, everyone walks through Lobby 7 (or, at least did).
  • If you’re a hungry human, Sate or Verde’s might be the go to — but if you’re free food only, maybe Lobby 10 or Stata is a better pick. 

Your score is calculated by taking (the number of people that hide where you seek) − .999(the number of people that seek where you hide). The highest score wins.

As a tiebreaker, indicate how many people you expect to play this game. The player whose guess is closer will win the tiebreak.

The winner of this game will earn a spot in a live game show run by the gamemasters, where they will compete against the winners of future games to win a share of $399. In addition, performance in this game (and all other games) will be used to distribute another $350 in prizes to those who do not win a game.

The deadline for playing was Thursday, June 18 at 12pm ET. Results and Game 2 were released on Sunday, June 21 at 12pm ET.