What are the rules for competing? Am I eligible? Can I have your money?
Please. Just. Read. The. Rules. Page. It's linked on the menu bar. Come on.

Is this thing actually real? Like, you seriously can't just be giving out money for filling out a stupid form every week?
Well, that's where you're wrong, kiddo. Yes we can. No catches. No strings attached. Just literally free money for playing games. Stop asking questions or else someone's going to catch on to what we're doing. Shhhh.

What is this "My Account" thing?
For the love of all that is holy, please ignore it. There is an "account" for everyone to ensure that only Touchstone authenticated players can access games. We're neither course 6s nor magicians nor the Mafia and therefore can't figure out how to make the rest of it go away :'(

I love/hate the fact that you guys are running this. How can I be sure that I know immediately when the next one comes out so that I can enjoy/flame it?
To receive updates when there's a new game, please add yourself to the Moira list dormspam-the-game. We won't spam you on there except for games. But it is a Moira list, so maybe other people will send emails to it. Maybe they'll send screenshots of the WeRateDogs Twitter account. Or try to collaborate with each other. (And, as you hopefully figured out from the name, all of our announcements will also be sent to dormspam. Because yes. Dormspam. The game. Duh.)

Where exactly did you get this money from? Nowhere too sketchy, I hope?
We've graciously been funded by the kind people over at the de Florez Fund for Humor. No sketchy funding sources here, don't worry. At least, not yet. And we're not planning to. (Though if you do have money to throw at us, you can always just ... let us know. Just for awareness purposes.)

How do I get in contact with the people running this game? I have a suggestion for a game/want to flame them/tell them nice words so they can sleep at night.
Please reach out to us at dormspam-the-gamemasters@mit.edu. But maybe please only for the nice words. I guess we'll read over your flaming if it's really good flaming.

Who are you people? Why are you doing this to me? I didn't ask you for burden of having to think about the coolest set of games 24/7. Seriously.
We're just two people who really like game theory games and the entertainment value they provide. Some say that our identities will never be known. Others say that we're a couple of course 14s that have no life and are having way too much fun. One of us is binging TV shows that are game-theory-esque like Money and The Genius. The other just likes running game theory games — some Nexties might even remember something called next-forum-games... just imagine this as its giant reincarnate. Maybe evil. Maybe not. But probably even more entertaining.

By signing up for your mailing list, what exactly am I getting myself into? Are you going to sell my email to [insert sketchy trading firm]?
Hell, no. Who do you think we are? Sketchy course 14s? Seriously, we aren't going to do anything besides send you updates about dormspam-the-game. That's it. Pinky promise. 

Can I have any other prizes besides money?
I guess besides money, winners get a sense of pride and accomplishment? The glory of their name up on the leaderboards? Bragging rights to your friends? Seriously, we're literally offering you free money. What more could you want?

How do we know that the gamemasters aren't just feeding information to their friends to make them win the money?
Seriously? We're spending our summer running this game. What makes you think we have friends?

Why are you still writing this?
Some questions even science can't answer. Perhaps a better question is why are you still reading this?

Do I win anything for reading down this far?

How about now?
... still no.

I'm beginning to think that the questions that you're writing aren't really frequently asked questions. This one's not even a question!
Shhh. You'll ruin the magic for the people enjoying it. Like me, writing the questions.

Are you done with writing up these FAQs?