Final Game livestream Friday Aug. 21 7:30pm ET. Audience prizes will be available and announced during the event. Link to livestream will be posted on the Final Game page.

The form portion of dormspam-the-game is now over. See final results here — including if you won a prize! — and information about your fellow players here.

Thanks to everyone for playing and for all of the kind comments!

dormspam-the-game is a series of 5 games over 5 weeks that culminates in a live virtual game show played by the winners of each of the five games — all for $749 in prizes. In all games, students must outsmart their peers to win; in the final virtual game, players play not only against each other, but must also cooperate together against the house.

Games will be sent weekly through dormspam and through the Moira list dormspam-the-game. (Add yourself! Tell your friends to add themselves!)

If you have questions about the game, please first read the rules and the FAQ. If you are still confused, contact the gamemasters at dormspam-the-gamemasters@mit.edu.

dormspam-the-game is kindly sponsored by the de Florez Fund for Humor.